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There are over 43 losses that can produce  the range of emotions that we call grief.  Death, divorce, end of a relationship, loss of health, loss of job, pet loss....and the list goes on.  

The Problem

While grief is normal and natural, most of the information passed on within our society regarding grief denies us our natural responses to loss.  The information we receive is intellectual in nature and does not address our heart. There are six myths that inevitably, we all learn.  They are; 

Time heals all wounds, 

Grieve Alone, 

Be Strong,

Don't Feel Bad,

Replace the Loss and

Keep Busy.

The Solution

The Grief Recovery Method®

Recovery is accomplished by discovering and completing all of the undelivered communications that accrue in relationships.  It works. Completion of the pain caused by loss is what allows us to let go and move on.  It is almost impossible to to move on without first taking a series of actions that lead to completion.  A Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® can help.  Give us a call to find out for about upcoming information sessions for grief support groups and private grief support. 

Grief Recovery Method®




Myths About Grief

  • Don't Feel Bad
  • Replace the Loss
  • Grieve Alone
  • Grief Just Takes Time
  • Be Strong - Be Strong For Others
  • Keep Busy


★★★★★5.00 Stars(a) I was not alone, there were others grieving in many different ways. (b) The professionalism, knowledge, well prepared for sessions, empathetic and kind, managed sessions well so all could speak, there to speak on an individual basis. Julie Coulson knows her profession well and does excellent work to help others that are having problems. 5 Stars from me to this lady (note- Julie treated no different from others, we were all treated equally). I learned to apologize for being angry mostly for dying and for the VERY few misunderstandings we had. I forgave myself for not being able to save my partners life. In a short paragraph I wrote of all things I appreciated about my partner respecting me, loving me for who and I what am, sharing, always being there for me, protecting me, teaching me how to protect myself when alone. We were best friends, lovers and soon to become life partners as he was going to ask me to marry him. I have all the same feelings for my partner as he did for me. I have let go of a deeply saddened heart and find I can now smile for the right reasons. This program will only work if: (a) A person is 100% HONEST. (b) A personi is willing to do the homework. (c) Hopefully a person can share with others within their group.Support Groups 01/31/2019Participant in Hagersville, Ontario 

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